Before You Buy a Home, Inspect It

Get all of the details on the property with a home inspection in Fremont, Omaha & Lincoln, NE

When you're considering a new home, you want to be absolutely certain that it's a good investment.

Unfortunately, sometimes problems aren't visible to a prospective homeowner or a real estate agent. These issues can present themselves as expensive, difficult surprises once the property has been purchased. Don't let it happen to you.

Schedule a professional home inspection by Peterson Inspections & Home Repair in Fremont, Omaha & Lincoln, NE. We'll examine every part of the house, from the roof to the foundation. After our house inspection, you'll be assured that you know everything you need.

Home Inspection Fremont & Omaha, NE

What can a home inspector find for you?

We can find many things that are helpful to know about your property, potentially saving you from expensive repairs or alerting you to particularly good features in a home.

Some of the things we’ll examine during a house inspection are:

  • Safety features like smoke detectors
  • The roof and walls’ waterproofing
  • HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems

Our home inspections are comprehensive. You can rely on us to provide a thorough report on the property. To schedule a home inspection, call 402-720-9010 .