Buying a Home in Fremont, Omaha & Lincoln, NE? Get the Facts.

Hire a home inspector before you invest

Imagine: you find a wonderful new home. You move in, decorate the space and buy great new furniture and appliances. You love the place - until next summer, when the air conditioner fails, the ceiling shows a water stain and you see the beginnings of a mold problem.

Avoid a nasty surprise and expensive repairs. Hire a home inspector to examine the property before you invest your hard-earned money.

Peterson Inspections & Home Repair provides home inspection services in Fremont, Omaha & Lincoln, NE & surrounding areas.

5 surprising things a home inspector can uncover

A careful home inspector will alert you to many issues that even the most observant homeowner can miss. Make sure to schedule home inspection services before you buy property.

Here are five problems that we can detect:

  • Poor electrical wiring
  • Water damage
  • Defective plumbing
  • Mold growth

Don’t be surprised by costly house problems like these. Call 402-720-9010 today to schedule an inspection.



What sets Peterson Inspections & Home Repair apart from the rest?

You have a variety of home inspection companies to choose from, but we're confident that Peterson Inspections & Home Repair will provide superior home inspection services. We'll take our time and examine your home meticulously. If you need special services like mold inspection, we're equipped for that, too. We also offer snow removal, deck building and fence installation services

We understand that you need full-scale services at affordable prices. We'll give you an estimate upfront, so you won't be surprised by fees later.

You can count on Peterson Inspections & Home Repair. Our team has the experience and education for the job. Our owner, Aaron Peterson, has carried out home inspections independently for four years. He's conducted inspections for the state. You'll be pleased with his thorough and attentive work.

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