Arrange for snow removal in Omaha, Lincoln or Fremont, NE

Don't Let Snow Slow You Down

Did you wake up to a soft sheet of snow surrounding your property? Although beautiful, snow-covered surfaces can spell disaster for anyone who has somewhere to be. Instead of risking walking or driving on hazardous paths, you can get snow removal from Peterson Inspections & Home Repair.

We plow snow for homes and businesses in Fremont, Omaha and Lincoln, NE. Contact us today to get a free snow plowing estimate.

Why hire a professional?

Why hire a professional?

Even if you have a snow shovel, it's better to hire a professional to get rid of snow for you. You can work with our snow removal experts to:

  • Prevent accidents
  • Save time and effort
  • Make sure your pathways are completely clear

You'll be amazed at how efficient our snow plowing methods are. Call us now at 402-720-9010 to clear your driveway or walkways.